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Dec 30, 2012 10:00pm EST
and splli in two. dramatic new video as a jetliner goes down in russia. and the reason the deaah toll wwsn'' much worse. the worst day of his presidency.barackkobama talls the school assaarr will shhpe &phis priooities for his second term. hatt crime on tte tracks.what police say caused a woman tt the connectiin to 9-11. coming up on fox45 news attten. police have arrested a woman they believe pushed a man to his death in ffont of anew york subwayy traan ttursday night. 3 ericc menedez is beingg harged with second-degree murder as a hate crime. olice sená who ii muslimá into the train tracks.... because she has hated muslims and hinduss siice the september 11-t attacks. "i ddn't think thht any person randomly start targetiig you now its very sad." sad." this is the 2-nd time this month someone has been shoved to their death in fronn of a moving train in new york city. thousands of people gathered in new york toody to remember a faalen fire. firefighter. flag-draped casket carryiig theebody of volunteer lieutenant michaal chiapperinii he is one of two first responders gunned down by
Dec 7, 2012 5:30am EST
met thursday with the p-n speccal envoy to syria and russia's foreign minister... asspart of a new u.s. diplomatic push on syria. ttday marks 71 years... since theeattack on pearllharbor. nearly 24-hundred americans were kiiled and 12-hundred injured... wwen japanese &pfighters bombed and sank 12 naval vessels... and damaged 9 arizona sank in less than 9 minutes... aater a bomb preeched its deck andd exploded. peopleeacross theecountry are commemorating thee anniversary... with various events throughout the day.herre in maryland... flags are flyinng t half-staff today... iinhonor oo national pearl harbor remembrance day. later thii month... the u-s mint will end sales of its "sttr spangled" coins.the mint began selling the coins in mmrch... commemorating the writing of "the star-spanglld banner.""ore than 1- hundred-thhusand gold coins... and 5-hundred-thousann silver coins were produced.proceeds benefit tte maryland war of 1811 bicennennial commission. coming up onn he eerly pdition... an eeotional journny... to tte wall in d-c. d-c."20... yep ttat was my buddy buddyan unedited look..
Dec 23, 2012 9:00am EST
letter signed by 99 senators, denouncing russia and he refused to sign it and he's anti-israel and talked about the jewish lobby in 2006. and for a republican -- talking about the jewish lobby having too much influence on capitol hill, will that person be appropriate to be secretary of defense? i think senator hagel will not be nominated by president obama, he likes him, they went on this trip together and he likes the idea of having a republican and of that but republicans -- and also democrats, are quietly turning to the white house, what are you doing to us? you are a liberal democrat, what do you want him for, he voted against democrats on gay rights and abortion and gun control and now they are supposed to walk the plank because the president thinks it will be cute to have, you know, a republican as secretary of defense. >> chris: kirsten, how much trouble is hagel in and, begin all of the publicity he has gotten, as the person obama wants to pick, if he doesn't go ahead with this, after what happened with susan rice, what kind of message does that send, at the beginning of th
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3